Seminario Internacional en Ingeniería de THz
1 septiembre, martes
Sala Ciudadela
Organiza: Universidad Pública de Navarra - Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica

Seminario Internacional en Ingeniería de THz

Many people in various fields of endeavor are becoming increasingly aware of the term "Terahertz". This is due, in large part, to the various theoretical and technological advances which have paved the way for the transition of Terahertz technology from the domain of basic conceptual research - firmly into the realm of advanced applications which are now in development worldwide.

As a matter of fact, the THz gap, the part of the electromagnetic spectrum between classical microwaves (3mm,100 GHz) and the infrared (30 um, 10 THz), is slowly becoming more  technologically relevant due to the increasing number of attractive applications which can be potentially developed.  Besides the traditional usage in medicine (skin cancer detection, caries detection,…) and security and surveillance (detection of hidden weapons or explosives, detection of gases,…), new applications are emerging in areas such as communications, viticulture (control of the vine state), agri-food sector, space and aeronautics, industrial, passive tomography imaging and investigation on proteomics in the pharmaceutical industry.

The workshop will cover frontiers in terahertz physics and applications. Its characteristic feature is a strong emphasis on the physical aspects of THz research, together with a detail analysis of the application problems. The technical program consists of a series of invited lectures followed by discussions with the participants.

De 8.30 a 19.30 horas (entrada previa inscripción)

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